Accounting Procedures in Partnership Business

Accounting Procedures in Partnership Business


Accounting Procedures in Partnership Business


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Abstract on Accounting Procedures in Partnership Business

This project is written in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of Higher National Diploma (HND).

Let me state here that I was motivated to write on the topic “Accounting Procedures in Partnership Business” mainly because of the weight of area of Accounting in our society.

Looking back at the quality of lectures received on the Accounts of Partnership and it procedures, I can now happily say that this work is a dream come true.

The purpose of this work is to make known to people, the role Partnership Accounts plays in our society.

This project is organized in Five Chapters. Chapter one Introduction and origin of Accounting, which presents the background of the study, statement of hypothesis, objectives of study, delimitation, scope of study and limitation and definition of terms.

In chapter two, the existing literature and the history of the topic, nature of partnership business, history and method of studying Accounting Procedures in Partnership business will be reviewed.

In chapter three, the research methodology, that is the source of data used will be explained.

Chapter four will deal with the presentation and data analysis, other findings and Test of hypothesis.

The fifth and final chapter deals with possible recommendations, conclusion and summary and Bibliography.


Chapter One of Accounting Procedures in Partnership Business



In the prehistoric times when man as individual unit, he lived alone, and produce all that he wanted. His only needs were food, shelter and clothing which he provided by himself. He had no business to transact with anybody or keeping record.

When man began to depend on others as a result of the division of labour which heeds man to specialization on a particular occupation and field of production and exchanges his surplus for what he does not produce out needed.  Still, man could not take or keep any record of what he exchanged.  In the sense that man has no idea of record keeping or documentation and the system of exchange was known as “Barter” which is the exchange of goods for other goods.  There is no specific measurement that can be taken so no record can be kept.  It was so cumbersome that man has to device another means for exchange in the form of commodity money such as cowries, copper wire, brassards etc. but records were not kept because they had no knowledge of such.

The first system of record keeping started at about 3,500 B. C. during the Babylonian era, when records were kept on clays or stones.  As commercial activities continued to grow, the keeping of records, data and information improved.

In place of clays/stones, they make use of the following:

(a)         Magnetic Tape

(b)        Compact Disc

(c)         Magnetic Disc

As at that time, individual firms or organizations still went on transacting business without absolute records in




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