An Appraisal of Leadership Style and Its Effectiveness on Organizational Performance

An Appraisal of Leadership Style and Its Effectiveness on Organizational Performance


An Appraisal of Leadership Style and Its Effectiveness on Organizational Performance


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Abstract on An Appraisal of Leadership Style and Its Effectiveness on Organizational Performance

Over the years organisational performance and effectiveness has been linked directly or indirectly to the type of leadership style employed in such organisation, establishment or firms. It is easy to understand that in every  organisation there exist two chambers-the higher or senior personnel and the lower or junior personnel. Most times commands, instructions and directives flow from top-down. So in as much as the lower or junior staffs depend on the top management for directives and guidance, the senior or higher personnel needs the utmost cooperation of the junior staffs for effective performance and achievement of goals and targets. It is therefore important that the top management in every organisation implement a good leadership style that will encourage workers dedication, commitment and willingness to serve and give their best to the organisation. In carrying out this research work, references were made to various existing articles, literatures and books relating to the subject matter. Also the researcher embarked on a fact finding task to get the needed data and information for effective analysis of the work done. In addition, questionnaire method was extensively employed to gather the necessary data for the study. Although getting information through some of these sources was not easy, the researcher therefore acknowledge some limitations which mighty in one way or the other affect the result of this research. After the collection of the data, it was used to presented, analyzed, and interpreted in other to extract the findings of the study. Based on the major findings, some recommendations for improvement on organisational performance were also made.


Title page          
Approval page         
Table of Contents\


1.1 Introduction         
1.2 Statement of the problems      
1.3 Research questions        
1.4 Objectives of the study       
1.5 Significance of the study       
1.6 Scope  and limitations       
1.7 Definition of terms        
1.8 Hypothesis         
1.9 References         


Literature Review         
2.1 The concept if leadership       
2.2 Theories of leadership       
2.3 The trait approach to leadership      
2.4 The situational approach to leadership     
2.5 Leadership behaviour and styles     
2.6 Leadership effects        
2.7 Determination of leadership styles     
2.8 References  


Research Design and Methodology      
3.1 Sources of data
Interview method        
3.2 Secondary sources        
3.3 Population of the study       
3.4 Determination of sample size      
3.5 Procedure for gathering data      
3.6 Validity and Reliability of measuring instrument    
3.7 Data treatment technique       
3.8 References   


Data Presentation and Analysis       
4.1 Distribution and collection of questionnaires    
4.2 Analysis and interpretation of questionnaires    
4.3 Test of Hypothesis        
4.4 References 


Findings, Recommendations and Conclusion    
5.1 Summary of the findings       
5.2 Conclusions         
5.3 Recommendations        
5.4 Summary and areas of further study     



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