Analysis of Food Safety Among Dried Fish Sellers

Analysis of Food Safety Among Dried Fish Sellers

Analysis of Food Safety Among Dried Fish Sellers


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Abstract on Analysis of Food Safety Among Dried Fish Sellers

A nations’ capacity for industrialization and employment depends on her improvement in level of production enhanced by available information. This is necessary for promoting entrepreneurship in agricultural transformation agenda for food security and poverty alleviation in Nigeria. This study assessed the value chain information sources in pig production in Edo and Delta states, Nigeria. The specific objectives were to: determine the socio-economic characteristics of the pig farmers; ascertain respondent’s access, availability and preference about information sources about value chain; identify respondent’s sources and available farm inputs, determine the farmer’s level of knowledge, awareness and adoption of the value chain addition practices. 

A Multi-stage sampling procedure was used to solicit response from 120 and 160 respondents from Delta state and Edo states respectively with the aid of a well structured questionnaire. Data were analyzed using frequency counts, percentages and mean while the hypothesis was tested using chi-square analysis. Result showed that majority (75.0%) and (75.6%) of the pig farmers in Delta and Edo states respectively were males, with majority (80.8%) and (73.1%) of the respondents in Delta and Edo states respectively been married. The result further showed that pig farmers preferred extension agent and fellow farmers as part of their available sources of value chain information sources which lead to the increase in the level of awareness about value chain addition practices. But the adoption of these practices was low when compared with their awareness; this was due to the constraints in sourcing the value chain addition technologies’. Respondents were mostly knowledgeable in value chain addition principle of improved market quality of product (M=3.22), and they participated most in the production (M=2.73) stage. There was a significant relationship between the respondents’ level of knowledge about the value chain and their educational attainments, stock size, pig farming experience, farmers’ membership of association and contact with extension agents.

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It was further recommended that extension agents should focus on dissemination of value chain technologies/practices on areas of slaughtering, processing, storage and marketing which are not receiving adequate participation and utilization by pig farmers in view of job creation opportunities and enhanced industrialization.




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