Computer Application in Banking Operation: Problems and Prospects

Computer Application in Banking Operation Problems and Prospects


Computer Application in Banking Operation: Problems and Prospects


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Chapter One of Computer Application in Banking Operation: Problems and Prospects


For the past hundred years, organizations have tended to bear the burden of maintaining, coordination and control have become formidable. The larger organization tended to have more parts and each new parts where interrelated with the others maintaining these relationships required the transmission achieving its objectives as it grow, management and was required to sanction ever increasing amount of data handling work. Larger patronage to supervision and management personnel were designated to transmit and the process screen condense and elaborated data from the various parts of the organization.

Improved types of data processing and communication equipment were installed and improved method for using the equipment were put into use. Organizational functions were re-defined to reduce the burden of communication and data processing.

In most business organizations including banking acquisition of computer application often follow the need to ease the bottleneck as data processing functions which build up as much organization grow larger more complex in form and operation.

Having introduced computer application to its operation depending on the degree of sophistication and application of such application, a number of changes rise which involves the organization in a constant process of adjustment.

Within such an organization some study and analysis must have been made before that computerization project to work out its costs, benefit, and nation hence, justify the investment. Also, the project post independent reviews are undertaken to evaluate the efficiency of the implementation system as well as their continued statist action of user expectation.

The researcher will investigate the impact both positively and negatively computer has made study of United Banks for Africa (UBA) the application which are then used by managers at all level, in all function to make timely and effective decision for which they are responsible. United Bank for Africa has now embarked on computerization of all its activities.


The problem of effective computer system in banking operation has robbed the people of essential amenities as a lot of money here been cost to fraud, mismanagement of financial and material resources also as a result most United Bank for Africa are over staffed because recruitment has not been based on the manpower needs of the banking operation where most workers were employed based on man know man and through political connection without any recruitment exercise.

Its therefore in the light of the above that it has become imperative to research on computer application in banking operation with a particular reference to Laokoja United Bank for Africa. This research finding and recommendations would offer useful suggestions to solve the current or present problems of ineffective computer application in banking operation thereby ensuring prudent use of resources of our banking operation.


The problem of this study is to determine the impact which computerization or banking services had on an organization as (U.B.A) in its services to customers. Another problems is that restrains on international exchange limited by the economic environment (SEEM) limiting the amount of material and services (computers, air conditioners generators, spare parts training etc) that can be obtained from abroad.

Also, there is adequate of supply skilled talented and creative professional to cope with present needs.


The purpose of this study are as follows:

  1. To find out the impact of computerization of banking activities in an organization.
  2. To evaluate the problem facing the application of these computers
  3. To use practical utilization of computer in all faces of U.B.A. banking system to explain if it has helped in improving the services of the bank to the customer.


Computer has come along way a very short time. It come into being to meet the needs or scientific computations, business man has learn how to apply them in projectable ways Nigeria cannot be left behind when one think of the impact it has for the use of computer has made in the development of business.

The rules guiding objectives are as follows:

  1. To private exercise of standard reputation comparable to the best available else wherein the world.
  2. To be among those to introduce into Nigeria the more recently advise development, technological etc in the banking industry world wide.
  3. To be amongst the more efficient banks in the industry United Bank for Africa Plc.

Of Nigeria has achieved the size complexity of structure and operation and sophistication in application of computer technology to make a bread study necessary.

The computerization programme past prevent and planned have and will continue to have impacts on the total environment of UBA the need arises for such impact to be measured and confluence predicted for the benefit of further organizational sign.


The study is limited to the organization environment or United Banks for Africa (UBA) attention will be directed mainly at the computer sector of the banks, computerized. This is no research work that is free from hazards and hardship this to the researcher. However, some of the limitation are as follows. Such as financial constraints, time factors and inadequate text books in the polytechnic library, this is some of the problem confronting the researcher in the soft of writing this project. Even go the bank to collect some information regarding the computer application they will not list to you these now more. The research work so no difficult and hard for one to collect some related information for research work.

More also, money is one of the problem which a research is confronted within carrying out the research work involving the used of money in almost all process even the cost of transportation which has made the research so hard in terms of collecting some relevant information and data therefore, finance is one of the problems which made it impossible for the researcher to get more data relevant to the project.

Time is another problem that limits the research work, time is not enough since the research work has to be carried out together with the class work. This makes research work a bit difficult.

More also, money is one of the problem which a researcher is confronted within carrying out the research work involves the use of money in almost all process even the lost of transportation which has the research so hard in terms of collecting some relevant information and data, therefore, finance is one of the problem makes it impossible for the researcher to get more data relevant of the project.


The research questions most of which as follows:

  1. To what extent has the banks benefited from computerization rather than manual system?
  2. How far has computerization brought changes in the work of the bank as a whole have any function been eliminated or some restricting made?
  3. How far has computerization of all banking operations gone in eliminating time waiting by customer in banking halls?

Pattern adopted in the research study is that respondents are mainly adults who are above age of 22 years (Hypothesis is this research shall be tested) below with the view to know the validity of the research.

Computer application has no effective impact on the banking operation. Computer application has an alternative impact on banking operation.


A hypothesis is a simple statement that gives the readers the writer views point the writing of a hypothesis should begin after the writer is done choosing a topic. The most important characteristics of the hypothesis is that it provides an opinion. It is not a bland, factual statement. The hypothesis is a statement that should encourage the reader to think about what is written to question it to doubt it or even to agree with it.


The related term of a used in the study are as follows:

Computer: A computer is an election machine processing internal storage.

Capability: A storage pgoramme of instructions and the capability for modification of the set of instruction during execution of the programmes.

Data: A collection or elements is made up of numeric, alphabets or special character denoting facts, thus, date are unorganized facts.

Programme: A programme statement of it is an expression that instructs the computer in details as to specific operation it is to perform or the order in which it is to perform operation.

Input: Any form of input medium containing date is used to provide the computer with data for processing

Hardware: Hardware to the name given to all the physical devices finding in a computer system. In the computer room; the devices look like large, insert, metal cabinet and there is little visible evidence of the phenomenal speeds of which data is being processed within some of these hardware an optional reader, and reader terminal keyboard.

Software: This is the name given to the determine within for the computer what determine how data is handled by hardware to achieve desire results in general software consist of the programme used by a computer prepared either by the manufacturer or user, but specifically, the term embraces the operating system application programme supplied by computer manufacturers users.




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