Construction and Design of Traffic Lighht

Construction and Design of Traffic Lighht


Construction and Design of Traffic Light


Chapter One of Construction and Design of Traffic Light




Traffic lights are used to control the vehicular traffic. Now a day the road accident is increasing clay by day due to careless driving. Breaking of traffic rules. Insufficient traffic police and absence of traffic control system on the road. Everyone has different types of vehicles resulting in rise to the numbers of vehicles. Traffic light is the one of the vital public facilities plays an important role to the road user. Traffic signal light is used to control the movement of vehicles and passengers so that traffic can flow smoothly and safety. Traffic signals lights have been around for years and arc used to efficiently control traffic through intersection. Although traffic signal light are relatively simple, they are critical for ensuring the safety of the driving area. That’s why traffic lights are used to avoid traffic jams and accidents. The growing use of traffic lights attests to their effectiveness in directing traffic flow, reducing the number of accident.

traffic signal light


These projects consist of two IC 555 and 4017. IC 555 is connected as astable multivibrator which generates the square wave which is determined by resistor, capacitor and potentiometer. The square wave is generated at output pins of IC 555 is given to the IC 4017, because the output pin of IC 555 is connected to the input pin of IC 4017.


Traffic signals lights will improve the road safety and reduce congestion by providing the signals orderly through junctions. Traffic control lights are provided for traffic control on streets and highways. The traffic signals are cyclically displayed through a suitable timing and control mechanism. A traffic light has three colours which are RED, Yellow and green. Each colour has their own signs. The red light means the driver has to stop their driving. The yellow light indicates that driver has to ready to stop their ride. However if the driver is too close to the line that is not safe to stop, they have to continue driving. Green light gives the driver free license to drive through the intersection. Traffic light has proved to be an amazing way to slop the vehicular collision and control the traffic jams.


1. Failure of signal due to electric power failure.
2. Improper design and location of signal may lead to violation of control system.
3. Circuit diagram is complex so there are chances of short circuit.

Future Scope:

Nowadays there are so many researches that have been done in order to enhance the traffic light function to improve the movement of the vehicle flow on the road especially at the junctions. Based on observation and researches, the condition now is fixed time mode. It means the timer for all of roads are constant timer. It cannot detect a busy and non-busy road we use the traffic signal in which delay time is displayed on the signal this project is using Verilog HDL (hardware description language) to write coding for simulation and using gate logic to implement in hardware.