Construction of a Chemical Rack, Study Apparatus

Construction of a Chemical Rack, Study Apparatus


Construction of a Chemical Rack, Study Apparatus


Abstract of Construction of a Chemical Rack, Study Apparatus

The construction of the 500 gallous (2,250 litre) of water is a project which has definite mathematical patterns. The choice of a cylindrical pattern of design involved the application of mathematical deductions to analyse the size of materials required.


The introductory and scope of the project emphasized the construction and installation of a reservoir for water that could supply a community with water. The tank’s installed and kept on a circular stand bass t avoid the reshape of the bottom and of the tank.

The project studied the industrial applications of the project with specific  choices of material of construction. The sequence of construction and the procedure of installation suggested that the project has been completed for use in the storage.

The cost of fabrication of this cylindrical type is cheaper than what is obtained in the open market. The cost effectiveness of the construction makes the project very necessary; the recommendation for improvement on future constructions.


Chapter One of Construction of a Chemical Rack, Study Apparatus


Reservoirs are forms of storages vessels.

Reservoirs are used for different purposes ranging from use in the chemical industries to use in the domestic homes of different chemical and physical properties others are used for the storage of solids and semi-finished items.

They are reservoirs that are designed in the form of silos for the storage of Agricultural equipments and even industries products.

Some reservoirs are sued in the cryogenic storages. Storage containers that are used for storing cryogenic substances are designed 10 percent volume larger than the substance so as to reduce rapid build up of pressure in the container.

The major problems of most reservoirs is leakage. Leakage usually result when controlled resulting to the collapse of a section. It might equally result from the rushing of a part of the container.


The scope of the project is the design of a 2.5m3 reservoir for holding water with the following requirements;

i.                    ability to withstand corrosion

ii.                  cost should be comparable to what is obtainable in the open market

iii.                with the capacity to be used for hygienic water storage

iv.                should not be constructed of a material that can easily breakdown on any impact of stress or be subjected to easy leakage of water

v.                  should be installed on a support after construction.