Construction of Industrial Sieve Compartment

Construction of Industrial Sieve Compartment


Construction of Industrial Sieve Compartment


Abstract of Construction of Industrial Sieve Compartment

The construction of Sieve Industrial Sieve Compartment was carried out in the Engineering Workshop, Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu.


The aim of this project is to fabricate an industrial sieve compartment which is capable of separating solid particles of various sizes.

The construction was carried out in order to analyze the sizes of particles.

The component parts of the set of sieve and their dimensions are as follows:

Height of sieve            –       300mm

No of sieve         –       4

Diameter of sieve        –       300mm

Shape of sieve            –       Circular

Height of sieve set       –       900mm

Mesh/hole sizes   –       top – 6.0mm, 2nd – 5.0mm 3rd  – 3.0mm, bottom 1.0mm respectively.

In construction of sieve compartment, some factors were taken into consideration and they are:

–              The capacity of the sieve

–              The type of material to be used for constructing sieve

–              The availability of the material

–              The type of mixture that can be filtered in it

–              Cost which is the determinant factor in fabrication of any equipment.

These factors listed helped greatly in completion of this project.

At the end of the fabrication, a sieve equipment was constructed with specified dimensions.


Chapter One of Construction of Industrial Sieve Compartment



Generally all Chemical Engineering mostly deals with the construction of sieve among other construction in order to fulfill the theory of separation technique.

Industrial sieve compartment is a kind of machine fabricated to be used in separating solid particles.  The sieving equipment works by allowing solid particles of different sizes to pass through the pores or the aperture which consist of orderly, arranged sets of sieves in a manner of the particle sizes and shapes.  Basically sieve equipments consist of a set of sieves preferably with the quality of shocker in accordance with its speed range.

The sieve equipment operates best when the solid particles is in their coarse and fine form.  The equipment has high sensitive efficiency, but only few have been constructed since the development of separation of particles.  This is as a result of the losses incurred and the procedure involved and also the labour needed to clean the sieve plate and to handle the sieve equipment.

However, in the construction of sieve, we have to bear certain qualities in mind to portray such as determination of size and shape of the equipment which contributes to the efficiency of the equipment.

Size separation is a unit operation technique which is often used daily in industries, and our daily lives.  Sieving one of the size separation technique that is often needed and therefore sieve is the equipment used, and therefore for effective size separation, there is need for constructing of sieve compartments.


Before the existence of sieve compartment, there has been a lot of difficulties which one normally face when making or fabricating the equipment.  They include; cuttings during cutting, the whole cutted mesh might not be the same.

Coupling – when coupling, the different cutted materials might not exactly fit, but joined using trial and error method.  And availability of material is also one of the problems encountered.


The main aim of this project is to fabricate or construct a sieve which is the basis of separation of solid particles into different sizes by passing it through mesh and with the assistant of shaking, large particles are retained on the mesh which is referred to as (oversize) and the undersize.


The research was done by sourcing information from the library, internet textbooks and from previous or related subjects projects.

Empirical research was also conducted by performing a standard construction of a sieve compartment in the workshop.  The apparatus for the construction was set up and carried out with all the precautions strictly adhered to.


Construction of industrial sieve compartment has played a significance role to mankind and industries.  The construction of this work help to carry out effective separation without much problems.

It reduces the physical effort required by an operators, free him from tediously repeated sieving or separation because the sieve is in set and contains a shocker which when plug to the socket, performs the operation or separation on itself.