Corporate Planning as a Tool for Achieving Organizational Objectives

Corporate Planning as a Tool for Achieving Organizational Objectives


Corporate Planning as a Tool for Achieving Organizational Objectives


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Proposal on Corporate Planning as a Tool for Achieving Organizational Objectives

This research work will be based on corporate planning as a tool for achieving organizational objective. Corporate planning is a long –term strategic planning which covers some  periods of years longer than one year and typically embraces 3,5,10 year or even longer than that period. Ian organization, corporate plan  coordinate the affairs of the organization effectively

In the curse of doing this we bring about the problems that will arise, the significance, objectives of the study and the limitation and the scope of the study some pimple of the study includes,

ØFlexibility of corporate planning which will aim at setting corporate objective, clarify policies and stage that will provide the essential frame work for realistic operational planning and budgeting.

ØIt will also aim at the improvement of senior or top management to their goal congruence.

ØIt will aim at exposing weakness in the organizational information system and to force improvement which will be made.

The next stage will be chapter two which will deal with hierarchical nature of planning nature of the study and some stage in corporate planning which will entail, considering the best way to move from where organization will future.

This chapter will also explain the importance of the study and the description of the previous   research study.

The next stage which is chapter three will show how research will be design. Data will be collect from both primary  source  of data collection and secondary source  of data collection. Primary source of data will include personal interview and questionnaires, while  secondary   source of already existing data, journals and  text books.

Chapter four, will deal with presentation, analysis will use to determine the population  that will use in conducting our research. The last chapter will include summary of findings, conclusions and recommendation which also bibliography will   be included.


Chapter One of Corporate Planning as a Tool for Achieving Organizational Objectives


Background of the study.

Long-term strategic planning is termed corporate planning (c p) and when, it is applied to organizations as long-term plan, it covers periods longer than one year and typically embraces 3,5,10 year or even longer periods.

Moves organizations how been making use of planning  discharge of their objectives but, it seems as the short-term or ordinary plan have been used. Under this it was investigated that this short-term plan could on longer cover most of structured objectives  of an organizations, therefore, the introduction and application of corporate (long-term)planning arrived.

In an organizations ,this is implied  so to coordinate the affairs of the organization effectively. Therefore, it could be understand as the formulation,  evaluation, and selection of strategic which involves a review of the objectives of an organizations so as to see the proper display of responsibilities. As most corporate plan is time consuming, which involves comprehensive statement of all the financial consequences and assumption, it is then necessary that organizations employing (c p)should as well, make use of computer base models. Also, the application of corporate planning in an dynamic  and flexible.

This will enable, reviewing the plan regularly in    anticipation of unexpected events such as sudden loss of large market or source of supply of raw-materials due to a coup or some of technological break through.

Østatement of problem

 Corporate planning  exist in an organization so as to help satisfy the various wants of interest groups. These include the investors., the analysis, the workers and decision makes. It also, meant to satisfy  the present and future objectives. But there are some problems which set back the execution follow:




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