Gender Considerations and Entrepreneurship Development in Nigeria

Gender Considerations and Entrepreneurship Development in Nigeria


Gender Considerations and Entrepreneurship Development in Nigeria


Chapter One of Gender Considerations and Entrepreneurship Development in Nigeria


Individuals go into business for the sake of obtaining regular income, becoming self employed and also help others. Although there are different kinds of business enterprises that female and male can go into, often times, some businesses are regarded as more suitable for one sex and not the other. This means that there are some gender discriminations in the choice of business one goes into and, by extension, in entrepreneurship development.
Apparently, gender attitudes and behaviours may have positive or negative effect on entrepreneurship development in a society or economy.
This research work therefore intends to take a critical look at gender discriminations as they affect entrepreneurship development with particular reference to Northern Nigeria in general, using Exceptional production services Limited Kaduna, Kaduna North Local Government area as a case study, and also to suggest the possible solutions to indentified problems and give recommendations where necessary.



Entrepreneurship has generally been recognized as a good medium or strategy for economic development of an individual, a community and a nation. It is also a known fact that some gender discriminations are often used in the choice of business or even the decision to go into business. For example, some businesses are regarded as more suitable to men than women. The question here is, is this the right approach to economic development through entrepreneurship? Of what effect is this approach to entrepreneurship development?
These and other questions are what this research work intends to find answers to, and, if possible make recommendations.


The main purpose of this study is to determine the relationship  between  gender and entrepreneurship development particularly in Northern Nigeria. The study specifically intends to look at the issue on some gender discrimination in entrepreneurship development and its impact on economic development effort in Nigeria particularly Northern Nigeria. The study hopes to suggest possible solutions to any gender related impediments to entrepreneurship development.


The following hypothesis has been formulated to serve as a guide for the study.
H0:    That gender discrimination has no significant effect on entrepreneurship development in Northern Nigeria.
H1: That gender discrimination, has significant effect on entrepreneurship development in Northern Nigeria.


The findings of this study will provide a guide for any one for the establishment of a business in Nigeria. The study will help me, any prospective entrepreneur to make the right in learners of which Business to go into and how to contend with gender related issues that might influence his or success in Business. Furthermore, it is hoped that the study will assist government and her agencies in the process of developing entrepreneurship development programmes. Â


The research work will concentrate on entrepreneurship development and gender discrimination in Northern Nigeria. The scope is limited to Exceptional  Production Services Limited, Kaduna North, the management, staff and other employees of the organization.


In the course of this study many problems were encountered. Collection of relevant data was a problem because what the organization regarded to be their “secretâ€.
Other limitations of the research included cost of visiting the organization to see the people necessary to get the relevant information. Sometimes the staff concerned may not be on seat.
Time was another limiting factor faced by the researcher. A researcher had to share the limited time between the research and his lecturer and studies.


Exceptional productions services limited is a small-scale organization and a lending provider of printing and publishing solution provider for the private and public sector.
Exceptional productions services is a sole proprietorship business. It is owned by MR. ELEJA ABIOLA MUSBAUDEEN. The company develops and manages one stop prints service ranging from pre-press, press and post press with a focus on the emerging markets of the world from as simple as type setting, graphic design, digital separation to as complex as offset prints on moe, mos, mozps, movps, wide format prints and a classical finishing equipments for a well finished job like cutting and trimming, perfect binding spiral.
The company utilizes its capacity and vast experience in business and technology to provide customer with value added solutions that differentiates it from its competitors.
The fact that both private and public sectors do not have access to quality and standard prints production spurred the formation of the company some years ago, which employed over two hundred and fifty (250) workers made of different categories like managers, supervisors, Head of departments, intermediate and junior workers. (The company is well equipped with facilities and highly skilled professionals in the field).


Exceptional productions services LTD (Rc: 1037462) is a dully registered liability company with the office of the register of companies and allied matters Act 1990. It was incorporated on the 23rd October 2007 with it’s headquarter at plot Nm6 Lokoja Road Kaduna and its has offices across the country.
Its internal ultimate authority is the board of directors. The chief executives   officer (CEO) is held excessively responsible for daily management.
The main department includes, the administrative department, operations department, marketing department and finance department.