Problems Facing Students in Higher Institutions of Learning and Their Solutions

 Problems Facing Students in Higher Institutions of Learning and Their Solutions


Problems Facing Students in Higher Institutions of Learning and Their Solutions


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Abstract on Problems Facing Students in Higher Institutions of Learning and Their Solutions

This study is designed to enumerate the problems confronting students in tighter institution picking institute of management and Technology (I.M.T) as case of study and suggested ways to solve them. Academic implication varies in various Institutions as problem varies amongst students. It could be social, psychological or natural. These problems need identification of cause and finding of suitable solutions to them accordingly. This in turn will obviously increase the student’s ability to give ready answers to similar problem. Most student in highest Institution choose to be indifferent to academic demand while some Institution like I.M.T choose to deny most of their of what knowledge they posses. It is understood that students confronts a number of problems in higher Institution and some students if confronted with problem tends to grapple with in it a view of surviving from the stress it has caused them or the damage it will do to them. Some other students that has   been bruised once or twice by problems (s) become stronger or wise, it faced with similar problem (s). they learn from each problem they have solved. It is also understood that some problems v is-a-visa with student in higher Institutions used to be innate, they emanate from the visions to the burden. In addition, it could be due to their disinter say while some other burden are introduced to student by the school, this lectures and fellow students. In this type of situation the statures is bold to gilt trusted. it is regressed in this work that students suffer a great deal of problems that could arise from dissolution, housing social and the environment the institution is situated. We are going to look into the possible cause and effects of these problems facing students of I.M.T and suggest medication to the problem.

Chapter one on Problems Facing Students in Higher Institutions of Learning and Their Solutions



Just like the saying that in the country of the blind one eyed man is a king, so was the time when formal education was not at much importance to an average African holder of standard six, as higher elementary where very higher respected. Holders of the General certificate) could even because managers in companies. In a renewed country like Nigeria, it is understood that both the government and the school have a role to play in the sero-comic problems facing students in higher institutions. There are two some to carryout a repelling action. This type of problem is only feint by those students who knows what damage will do to them and not those of apathy. In a covert method to black mail, lectures has given students the advantage to side – step the problem of passing through a higher instruction. Whether metal image we hold to ourselves is the key to our personality and behaviors. There are student who believe in bringing the way in and out of an institution not rending the effect or the damage it will cause them in the future. There Willing to receive bribery. There are groups of turbulent students in our institutions perpetuating immoralities in our campus. We use to read about Aids in newspapers, magazine and posters captioned “ bewared of the killer Disease.

In our campus it is because of the killer students. It is true that we to be educated and get a degree, but our schools admit number of students they are not willing to care for which results to malfunctioning, students admitted start to experience some problem like accommodation, transportation living condition, social, inadequate facilities. Higher institution are the major suggestion of the manpower required for the development to any nation. They are the place when knowledge and skills are acquired, needed for working efficiently and effectively in most firms and offices. It is rather unfortunate that some conditions tend to militate against them. In a situation where problem entangle student it is possible that all their academic work will be involved in it.  


This study is solely concerned with problems facing students of institution of management and Technology. The study is not the student of I.M.T are facing but what damage it will do to their in future regarding the effect in inflicts in them. When a student is been admitted into higher Institution like I.M.T his aim objective is to be attending classes as usual knowing what he/she  is the for and later graduate with a defendable certificate. But when unexpected problem start to intrude into his/her academic affairs it gives him/her much concern to choose amongst other problem cause of the problem and most suitable remedies to them. As earlier stated, problem in a students life may arise from disillusions, lack of financial meet. Ups academic indifference and possibly mal management of the institution. This is project is therefore aimed art pointing out possible, problems enclosing students in institute of management and Technology and suggested solutions to them. It could be made handy or planned for submerged uses.


The research work is general preview of the problems engulfing student in higher institutions we suggest solutions to them.


the problem attached to education is only confined to higher institutions, it  also extend to other levels of learning but in the work we are bringing institute of management and technology into focus and look into possible ways to solve these problem that celebrates in this particular institution. Traditionally, eructation is learning and practices carried out between teacher and student in every institutional leering, but this is becoming less true compared to the system practiced the pioneers. This days there has been obvious evolutions in the system of many institution done to the detriment of our student but in I.M.T it’s a bit outward.

At one time their are students that could afford to pay their tuition fees and attend the usual lectures only to prove at the end their academic term how hardworking they now the price of education has escalated so high to pose a big problem to the Academic success of student in this readily available to meet up all expenses, the students ability to study properly will be hindered. Most student are bereft of what figures they are supposed t0 gain because of these stipulated attitude. Back in the days when higher institutions were known for what purchase they serve to the general public there was neither the existence of bribery and corruption nor cultism in our campus. But today the most aggravating oppression firmly fixed in aim higher institution is cult activities. In our institution cult activities multiply ever day like nobody is aware of what is happing in the campus, and it has been an irresistible and persistent oppression in any of these organization collectively known as cult and those who at one time or the other fall victim to this ruthless gags of arrogance. In relation to I.M.T it is apparent that the institution has got nothing to do with anything concerning health, accommodation and the studying conditions the students admitted into the institution. All these above mentioned activities are prevalent, but in the later chapters we are going t look into the full picture of the most occurring problems in I.M.T and suggest suitable solutions to them.


There are many method that can be based in carryout a study. This includes research method- by way of formulating hypothesis, reviewing literature and collection of data/primary and secondary etc. The use of any of the above mentioned methods depends upon the type  of problem that if carried out to research for. However, the research method that will be use for election of his study is nothing but collection of primary data and analysis follows systematically. This method of research serve on survey method it could be personal, by telephone or by mail. The observation and experimental method are also practically involved with the collection of data that will help to complete this work. On this type of research work, the researcher could not use any other research method than the consultation of primary data. This is because the problem in question is retracted to the use of this method as on article written by various psychologists, philosophers, sociologists and the like would be able to explain perfectly what the problem of our institution (I.M.T) introduced to student



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