The Effect of Custom and Excise Service on Importation to Nigeria Economic Development

The Effect of Custom and Excise Service on Importation to Nigeria Economic Development


The Effect of Custom and Excise Service on Importation to Nigeria Economic Development


Chapter One of The Effect of Custom and Excise Service on Importation to Nigeria Economic Development



The country’s level of development is highly measured by the level of economic buoyancy which can be predetermining by the importation and exportation sector in the economy. Emphasis are laid on the fact that the existence of the international trade encourage the law of comparative advantage which aid specialization  of one country over other at word market.

Consequence upon this, the existence of custom and excise service emerged, in Nigeria its impart cannot be over emphasized in the whole country. The effect of custom and excise service on importation to Nigeria economic development, is an important issue, every state or nation aspire to improve the standard of living of the masses a lot of money has been spent on custom service on administration and recruiting purpose for developing the economy in the different nations and world over for thorough scrutinizing and efficient checks on the goods imported.

Before the discovery of oil in Nigeria about 75% of total revenue, generation in Nigeria came from custom duties, the remaining 25% of the total revenue were from stamp duties, court fines liquor license, direct taxation, export of cash crop, e.t.c. as a result of the department, smuggling was highly suppressed due to the collection of custom and excise duties as well as taxes to meet up with the day to day running of the government administration and providing social amenities for the people many people tend to over overestimate the importance of custom service because of its greater visibility over the Nigeria economy. The Nigeria custom service has it effect on the imported.

Stamping out of contraband or smuggled goods is another prominent role of custom because the Nigeria service also protects the manufacturers and their goods in Nigeria market.

Objective of the study

The main objective of this project is to make us know or understand their aims and imparts of customs and excise service on the Nigeria economy.

This study shall critically examine the following

Consider the need for the existence of the customs and excise service

1.       Major contribution of the custom and excise service to the economy of Nigeria.

2.       Examine their impacts, and on the social economic development of the country.

3.       Also, to know the effect of customs and excise service on importation of goods in the country.

4.       Project into the futures, the perceive prospect of customs and excise service in relation to economic development in the country.

Statement of problem

Research study is concerned with finding solution to problem, a problem generally is seen as a c condition affecting the majority of people or organization adversely about which something must be done through corrective action or remidia action.

A research problem is an interrogative statement that ask what relationship exist between two or more variables, therefore a good research problem must be easily convertible into an hypothesis if a research problem is to be scientifically reliable e.g. what is the effect of excise charges on the performance of custom officers. The problem in this study shall critically examine the effect of customs and excise service on the importation of goods to Nigeria economic, major attempts would be made on who are the customs official reason for their existence meaning of international trade, meaning of imports.

Furthermore, the under listed points one to be consider. Problems.

·              Personal interest and exposure

·              Financial constraints, this often put limit on our enquiring imitative

·              Time: this is always a scarce resource and when doing a serious work it flies

·              Non-availability of social amenities to the custom officers

·              Government attitudes to the customs sectors

·              Equipment availability to customs officers

·              What are the government policies that are not effectively implemented in relation on to customs and excise service on the importation of goods into the country?

·              What is concealment? It is impact on the importation of goods

·              What is the different between importations of goods to the country?

·              What is corruption in customs? All these problems would be took into and proper solution would be provided to perform their duty very well so as to help customs service and to assist Nigeria as a whole in order to develop the importation sector

Statement of hypothesis

Hypothesis is a prediction or an assumption that is stated well in advanced or actual collection of data about what can be expected to occur.

An hypothesis most posses two or more variables for the sake of testing.

–          Hypothesis statement are tentative sentence that gives us variables to test and narrow our focus to element of main consideration i.e. a ques work until confirmed by data.

–        Hypothesis statements are two forms. A null hypothesis which is a sentence formulated to contradict the wide belief commonly held opinion developed by H0, it is always negative. An alternative hypothesis is positive in nature and to variable under consideration. It is usually represented by H1.

–        Rejection of H1 means acceptance of H0 or vice-versa. What this means is that either or this must be proved and correct from statistical test carried out on them. The following hypothesis would also be critically tested to have a fact on the effect of customs and excise service on the importation of goods to the Nigeria economy.

(1)     The customs and excise service does not have impact on Nigeria economic development H0.

The customs and excise service have impact on Nigeria economic development H1.

(2)     Customs and excise service does not have effect on importation of goods to Nigeria economic development H0

Customs and excise service have effect on importation of goods to Nigeria economic development H1.

Significance of the study.

This study will be relevant to the organisation in question in any economy the custom officials would be critically have to be  aware of and effectively utilize a variety of techniques and still, relevance will be made to the related government agencies, industries, manufacturers, e.t.c. that deals mainly with the importation of goods and society.

The research on this study will lay emphasis on the importance of customs and excise services to the economy in which its impact is generally felt by the masses, government industries and manufacturers.

Also, it will enable the reader to know how effective and efficient the way customs perform their duties in checking the rate of dumping and smuggling of the contraband goods into and outside the country and what factor can facilitates positive effect of inspection to enhance positive result in the country.

In conclusion, the finding in this project will assist in increasing the knowledge of both the researcher and the readers and will enable us to assert confidently the important role of customs and excise service in the economy and especially in the Nigeria importation sector.

Scope and Limitation of study.

Basically, the area to be covered in this project work is mainly centred on the Nigeria custom services (NCS) but considering the broad network of the case study Nigeria custom services Ibadan, Oyo state, information is to be gathered from the staff of NCS the study will be limited to the work here because they were concerned in the checks and balance on the importation of goods into the country and outside through them the information would be adequately supplied the limitation that arouse because of the problems encountered in the course of this project work are stated below:

–          Insufficient time in carrying out the research work because of personal tight schedule.

–          Lack of enough capital in carrying out this research i.e. financial constraint.

–          Coupled with the afermentioned limitation inadequate attention were given by superior officers due to their tight schedule thereby resulting to insufficient information needed for the execution of the project work. However, little or no problem are encountered with the subordinate all these pose a lot of limitation to the extent that which the research could have gone

Definitions of Terms

Some of the terms used in the study are generally understood (i.e. specialised) meaning. However, certain other term have contextual meaning this are:

International trade: this is also called foreign or external trade that exist between one country and another or between the people of our country and the people of another country.

Law of Comparative Advantages: this is the principle that state that a country should specialise in a  production of goods and services that has a greater advantages over other.

Importation: this is an act of bringing goods and services into the country. We have both the visible and invisible imports.

Exportation: this is an act of selling goods and services outside the country to other country of the world like import; we have visible and invisible goods and services.

Goods: these are either valuable asset which can be tangible or intangible.

Economy: oxford advanced dictionary defined economy as the community’s system of wealth creation.

Tariff: table of fixed charges or duty on a particular class of goods, which are collected by customs officials.

An indent: is an or and give details of goods required by the intending purchaser.

Shipping note: is a request to the shipping company to transport the goods specified at a stated time and to a named destination.

Calling forward note: this is the note that states that goods require at a dock to be loaded on the vessel named in the document.

Freight note: this is the document that lists the charges for carrying goods and the shipping companies will issues a bill of ladding on receiving the amount stated on the freight note.