The Influence of Job Incentives in Organizations Operation

The Influence of Job Incentives in Organizations Operation


The Influence of Job Incentives in Organizations Operation


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Chapter one on The Influence of Job Incentives in Organizations Operation



There has been an eminent question on the part of most writer of industrial organization to study and find solution to some problem on the productivity of workers, how it can be measured and what factors influence the workers performance in the organization operation.However in this study it is a discussion on how incentives influence an organization operation.

This leading to greater productivity as a result of workers performance labour, is  know  to be one of the major factors of production and dry production process will be incomplete without labour as a major determinant  and  this are human beings whose services are purpose which include production of good and services. A good organization operation will be determined by its productivity level which is the amount of good and services produced by certain number of labour forces and the resource available at the organization disposal; this is generally accepted fact that without compensation in return (incentive) labour will be unfunction incentive is the payment or benefit made  to or received by a worker either week monthly periodically or quarterly as suitable to  organization in exchange for work and services reddened in the process of production.Incentive comprises of salaries overtime payment job security provision of amenities etc  which shall all be discuss later in other chapter.

The has been persistent controversy over the importance of these incentives to works.Economic and many industrial executive are prone to stress the importance of incentives  in determining the worker job satisfaction and preference level which leads to high productivity and good organization operation. During the part two decades, the question for better ways of motivating people at work has caused some researchers to concentrate on the physiological factors that stimulate workers rather than developing the incentives of financial rewards. The choice between financial reward s. the choice between financial incentives and physiological incentives has been the subject of contrivers. Both sides of those arguments are discussed in later chapter of the work.

However, there has not been any comprehensive scheme to satisfy all situations and motivations of works varies with the type of work and even with the particular Job but any form of motivation will  not have the same appeal for individual workers to mere employment of working Job incentives can now be seen a very important factor in encouraging and enhancing workers performance and efficient organizations operation through not without putting the following  into consideration.

A)      Satisfaction of workers which is suitable ways and salaries for children, better medical facilities transportation facilities,  moderate working hours and a peaceful and comfortable reticent, just to mention all but a few- To increase their commitment to work and enhance their performance  work.

B)      Provision of adequate quantity of goods and service on which people can spend their money, whatever the level of ways paid to workers, Unless there is a steady and abundant supply of essential commodities there can be no end to demand for ways increase.

C)      The existence of labour relation of workers union whose prime responsibility is to maximize both economic and social well being of its members will go a long way in increasing workers productivity through provision of some incentives.

The history of ways and salaries in Nigeria is traceable to the colonial period when effort were made to review workers salaries, but emphasis will be laid on the past colonial and independence era in this study.




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