The Relevance of Source Documents to the Preparation of Financial Statement

The Relevance of Source Documents to the Preparation of Financial Statement


The Relevance of Source Documents to the Preparation of Financial Statement


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Chapter one on The Relevance of Source Documents to the Preparation of Financial Statement



Every organization requires information on which to base decisions. And the role of accounting is to provide that information in the form of accounting and financial reports. However, financial statement or reports do not automatically generate themselves, they are the end result of an accounting process.

The information communicated to the owner via the reports is the product of the recording system, which summarizes and classifies transactions. But the records themselves are generated from the raw data provided in source documents. They provide the facts on which all subsequent accounting information are based on.

Source documents have two separate but yet related functions:

They provide the verifiable evidence of the details of a transaction, thus ensuring that the information in the accounting reports will be reliable. They provide the evidence that is required by the Tax Office relating to the firm’s income tax and Goods and Services Tax (GST) obligations.

Happily, the roles of accountants in organizations have helped to correct possible observed financial recording weaknesses in organizations. They have also helped by improving the general performance of organizations by creating cost consciousness, cost control and thus providing rational basis for business decision making.

Managers prefer direct forms of contact with their accountants because of the richness of verbal communications. This is demonstrated in accountants’ use of visual and audio cues, including reinforcing and adjusting techniques, which enhance the appeal and utility of verbal communications. But it would appreciate that Accountants’ documents have been relegated to a supplementary function in the profession’s communications process. Even small firm managers objectives do influence their interest in and the use of accounting information that their accountant provide.


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