The Role of Advertising in Marketing of Hotel Services

The Role of Advertising in Marketing of Hotel Services


The Role of Advertising in Marketing of Hotel Services


Abstract of The Role of Advertising in Marketing of Hotel Services

This research was carried to find “The Role of advertising in marketing of hotel service in Enugu metropolis” using Zodiac Hotel Ltd Enugu as our case study.  We tried to find the advertising strategies employed by in achieving its objectives.  In the study some instruments was used in the investigation and they include: oral interview, questionnaire and survey. From the study we found out that, the Zodiac hotel Ltd major advertising medium is magazines.  They use some other ones like sign posts at strategic points of Enugu metropolis.  We also discovered that they use other promotional mix such as sales promotion (biros, cards, calendars etc) and publicity. We also found out that the environment and facilities of Zodiac Hotel attracts customers to the hotel. The relationship between the customers and the staff is highly credible.  We discovered that the firm has a very high reputation in the society. The researchers commended the management of Zodiac Hotel for good environment and facilities and we came up with the following recommendations.  They should include advertising budget in the operating cost, use more of television media of advertising than others & introduce more sign posts.



Chapter One of The Role of Advertising in Marketing of Hotel Services


Hotel services have played a functional role in the life of our people.  Hotel industry is the engine room for effective communication and all business transactions within and outside the country.

Hotel Advertising has contributed a lot to boost a better image of both major and minor hotels in developed services provides meals, drinks, attraction, accommodation etc, to the general public or person on transit especially to people who are leaving their homes to other foreign lands for business transactions.

Customers are interested in finding out the facilities of a hotel before booking an accommodation whenever they are in their business trip.

These are the characteristics of hotels in overseas and very few in Nigeria such as metropolitan hotel, Zodiac Hotel, Sheraton hotels, Eko city Hotel, hotel presidential, Niconugu till top hotesl.

Most of these hotels have made reasonable image both nationally and international and the credit goes to advertising that have what it takes to create awareness of the benefits accruing from hotel services to its public. For instance recently, in Enugu State, some hotels have come up with the advertisement of their services for awareness to the public for better patronage.


Zodiac Hotel Limited in Enugu State is faces with a lot of problem as it is found in other hotels of in Enugu Metropolis.

It faces many hindrances over their advertisement programmes. The problems are inappropriate media for advertising programme, poor managerial still and techniques, high cost of hotel services, lack of special offers to encourage tourism, individual attitudes to leisure, poor sitting location of hotels, government fiscal monetary policy, and lack of no tourist, attraction.


The objectives of this study are:

  1. To identify the strategies used by advertising to create awareness of hotel services.
  2. To find whether advertising can be used to gain competitive advantages over other competitors.
  3. To identify the appropriate media to use for advertising hotel services.
  4. To recommendation the best way of using advertising to solve organizational problems.


  1. How effective and efficient can advertising be used to achieve the organizational objectives?
  2. DO you think that advertising can be used to motivate the customers to patronize Zodiac Hotel?
  3. What are the appropriate media that can be used for advertising
  4. What recommendation should be used to solve the problem of zodiac Hotel Limited, in Enugu State?


The study has a lot of significance in that it represents a symbol of academic achievement as having contributed to the already record of research in business studies.  In addition the study shall be useful to the colleagues of the researcher and   the entire students in the field of as they shall resort to it their various research works on the same topic of study in future.

The research shall be relevant to public administration in general and marketing experts in various ministries and departments as it shall assist them in carrying out their marketing services. The policy makers shall derive immense benefit from the study as it shall serve as a scientific guide to them.


This will cover just the zodiac Hotel Enugu. By hotel services we mean those businesses which on provision of lodging facilities desert foods, dint and other services.

The work will cover the role of advertising in the services of this hotel (Zodiac Hotels Ltd).


  1. Advertising: This means sending message/information through any of the mass media.  For example; radio, magazine, television, out door sign post etc.  In order to promote products quality of goods and services
  2. Demand: This is the quantity of goods and services that can be paid for at any given price and at a given period of time.
  3. Marketing:  this is the performance of business activities that direct the flow of goods and services from producers to consumer/users.
  4. Motivations: This is an individual inner states, of mind that cause him/her to behave in a way that ensure this accomplishment of some goals.
  5. Profit: This is a favorable difference between the total expenses and total sales of a given product or services.
  6. Promotional Mix: These one tools used in forwarding an idea about a product or services.
  7. Organisation Chart: This is the representation of an organizational structure primarily by means of graph or sketch illustration.
  8. Sales Promotion: This is one of the promotional mix used for pursing the sales of a product above on existing level.