The Role of Financial Management in a Co-operative Organization

The Role of Financial Management in a Co-operative Organization

The Role of Financial Management in a Co-operative Organization


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Abstract on The Role of Financial Management in a Co-operative Organization

This project is poised at x-raying the degree of the role of financial management in a co-operate organization making reference to union bank (Plc) Enugu. Financial management activity is concern with the raising of capital planning cash and credit control including the effective control of financial resources. Some thought were giving to financial activity to provide planning, control and execution of financial activity. The practice management are interest in this subject because among the most crucial decision of he firm are those which relates to the finance and therefore need to understand the financial management which provide them with conceptual and analytical insight to make these decision. The financial must take step to ensure that fund will be actually available and committed to the firm. The financial manager is usually responsible of he gathering and analyzing of the relevant information, making forecast of the profit level to estimate profit from the future sale, the firm must be aware of the current cost and the most likely changes in the ability of the firm to sale its product as planned.

The financial manager must measure the requirement return of its capital investment by answering this questions; dose the level of return offer adequate justify and that Of risk therein? H e is required to know the rate of return that is expected from the proposal before it is accepted. The financial personnel meet with other officer of the form and anticipate in making decision affecting the current and future utilization of the fund resource. The manager will discuses the total amount of asset needed by the firm to carry out its operation and determine the decomposition on need. They identify ways to use the existing asset mostly effectively and thereby reducing waste and needed expense. The decision making role cause liquidity and profitability

The role of financial management in managing the funds available o the firm. The fund include cash held by the firm, money borrowed and money gained from the

Purchase of common stock and preferred stock. The financial management is responsible for having sufficient for the firm to conduct its business and pay its bill and a lot of money to finance the receivable and invention making arrangement for the purchase of asset and identify sources of long term financing, in fact this study is aimed at the information on the role of financial manager in any organization to foster his performance in the following.

Forecasting on the financial planning and control financial analysis. Working credit capital. Stock cash receivable market and structure medium short and long term success of fund and evaluation of stock and cost of capital financing. Divided policy and techniques of r capital investment analysis.

This issue of whether this state role of the financial manager is executed or not in case to be investigated by the research is in the following perspective,

(i)                            Budgeting and financial analysis

(ii)                         Management of short, medium and long term financing

(iii)                       Financial ratio and planning

(iv)                       Managing and financial structure

The researcher will analysis the financial concept using the annalistically tools and techniques obtained from the organization answer receive from the questionnaire to unfold the financial managers decision on financial matters.

It hope that the project will attained the standard required by all the examining bodies and also satisfy the curiosity of the general leading public who may have the desire to become acquainted.


Chapter One of The Role of Financial Management in a Co-operative Organization


Financial management involves all the activity of the financial managers concern with the rising of capital lining cash and credit requirement including the effective control of financial resources

The activity could be suggested as follows;

1.     Converting forecast into planned and budget

2.     Planning the appropriate capital structure

3.     Raising cash flow outside the business

4.     Forecasting the future

5.     Investing surplus fund

6.     Controlling the cash balance and flow in accordance with plans and with changing circumstance.

7.     With the emergency of finance as a separate field emphasis was more or less on legal matters such as mergers


With the most vital problem of the firm was identification of the means for raising capital for possible expansion due to the increasing wave in industrialization. The mobility of fund from the

Areas of surplus to the areas of scarcity posed a lot of problem. Because of the radical changes which ochre during the depression of 1930 which culminated into the failure of many business finance which re-directed to bankruptcy, reorganization and liquidity for profitability under the imperfect perfect competition continues to be the motivation to maximize the profit and wealth of the owner. To ague to maximize profit has led to he study of financial management of which attribute factor can be socialized as follows;

(a)              Saving

(b)             Business growth

(c)              Inflation

(d)             Competitive

Base on the above background, some through was giving a financial management to provide skillful planning control and execution of financial management activity.

The practicing managers are interested in this study because among the most crucial decision of the firm are of those which relates to the financial matters and so are giving better treatments for better understanding of financial management which provide them with conceptual and annalistically insight on the capital fund and using the capital fund are called financial function of any firm


Financial which is the life wire of any business and as developed in 1900 since it concerns the actual flow of money as well as any claim against money. The financial mangers subsequent decision is made in such more co-ordinate manner responsible for the control system. The financial managers are concern with;

(a)              Financial planning with the bank

(b)             Raising of fund

(c)              Allocation of fund

(d)             Financial controlling of fund

(e)              Interpretation


          The involve he estimating and planning of the future flow of cash receipt and disbursement raising of fund involve organizing the raising of fund which involve the funding necessary for planning. The second is the acquisition of the fund. There are a wide variety if the fund. It has certain




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