The Role of Internal Auditing on Management’s Control Success

The Role of Internal Auditing on Management’s Control Success

The Role of Internal Auditing on Management’s Control Success


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Abstract on The Role of Internal Auditing on Management’s Control Success

This study was to examine and find out the role of auditing on management’s control success with a particular reference to the Department of Audit, Ministry of Finance, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. To achieve this objective, four research questions and three research hypotheses were formulated to guide the researcher study. The data collected were analyzed using simple percentages and tables to analyze research questions, and Chi-square statistical tool was used for testing the research hypotheses. A structured questionnaire was used as the major instrument for data collection from the staff and management of Department of Audit, Ministry of Finance, Uyo. After careful analysis of the data, the following findings were revealed that; auditing enhances accountability in public sector in Nigeria. The study was concluded with some recommendations that the state government should improve the remuneration and fringe benefits of internal auditors as this would enhance their efficiency and honesty in the discharge of their duties. Undoubtedly, upholding integrity, objectivity and transparency in the conduct of their respective audit functions will make the internal auditors to be more relevant in the public sector and the rate of inadequate qualified manpower in the audit departments in the public sector should be minimized. To make this effective, more auditors with the required professional knowledge and skill should be employed. Government should show more commitment in this area.


Chapter One of The Role of Internal Auditing on Management’s Control Success



Organization all round the world be it public or private or otherwise needs auditing for proper assessment of their financial statements. Auditing is an independent examination of an expression of opinion on the financial statement of an enterprise or organization by an appointed auditor in pursuance of that appointment and in compliance with any relevant statutory obligation (Chamber, 2008). It aims at providing solution to the inevitable problem of credibility in report and accounts. It prevents and detects errors and frauds and also produces a report of the true and fairness of the financial statement (Coper, 2003). They also obtain full understanding of the operations under review. The role of internal audit has grown tremendously in most organizations in the recent past. This can be attributed partly to the growth of the organizations, which entails widely extended operations and the need to ensure that the organizations policies and basic accounting controls are observed at every facet of the organization. Again, it can be observed as a measure by management to ensure that the government regulations concerning the operations of organizations, both public and private are duly complied with so as to guard against conflicts and inconsistence with the law.

As the organization expands and supervisory responsibility broadens, the head can no longer have personal knowledge of every aspect of the organization. It becomes impossible for him to control or monitor the continuing effectiveness of all controls. This calls for the delegation of this responsibility to a separate department called the internal audit department. Internal Audit Department is a department set up by management, usually manned by a Chartered Accountant, as established in section 358 of the companies Act 1976, to receive the activities of other employees thereby enhancing controls in the organization. Management’s Control Success

Decisions may be made for various purpose and they vary from one business to another. Internal control provides assurance and dependability of the financial statements used in making decision, hence, there is need for auditing of financial statement, Auditing therefore is made to determine whether persons in positions of fiscal responsibility in government and commerce are acting and reporting in an honest manner.

The ministry of finance plays a vital role in the overall planning, controlling and disbursement of government funds, for the day to day running of the state administration. Basically, these functions are carried out by various departments in the ministry, the departments; personnel finance and supplies, planning, research and statistics, office of the Accountant general. Internal Auditing

The personnel department is headed by a director and its functions include appointment, promotion and discipline of staff and other staff welfare matters. The department of finance and supplies is headed by director, whose functions include provision of finance management information to the ministry of decision making.

Planning, research and statistics department is headed by a deputy director research into various aspects of government finances and economy while executive director is in charge of ministry of finance incorporated.

The office of the Accountant general is headed by Accountant general whose functions include provision of efficient Accounting services to the government and advising on financial matters. At the helm of affairs in the ministry is the Chief Executive called Honourable Commissioner for Finance while the Chief Accounting Officer is the Permanent Secretary. Management’s Control Success

In general, this ministry takes charge to disbursement of funds to ministries, departments, boards and parastatals for payment of staff salaries and wages, pensions and statistics. The main focus of this research state the intention of the researcher to study the impact audit could create on public sector accounting system in Akwa Ibom State.




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