Best English Online Courses Platforms?

Online English courses

Many people who want to study English as a second language but can’t afford an instructor in person or don’t have the time to go to a real class sometimes use English online courses. 


Thousands of individuals worldwide study English for a variety of reasons. Some people learn English because they want to immigrate there, to work there, or just because it’s one of the most popular languages in the world. Nowadays, speaking English is seen as a sign of intelligence around the globe.

Nearby Free English Classes

Millions of dollars are reportedly spent annually throughout Asia on English language instruction. Additionally, the capability of speaking English where it is spoken. Not uttered is related to a higher income level. There may be free English lessons offered in these nations by a variety of organizations, including missionaries, foreign missions, embassies, and non-governmental organizations.

Due to the high cost of the alternative, many students frequently attend this class. Additionally, a large number of students attend local sessions because many find it difficult to learn a language online.


Online classes for English

The greatest approach for most individuals to study a foreign language is online. There are several causes, but access to physical courses is the main one. It is quite rare to find physical lessons to study English, and even when there are, the cost is sometimes very exorbitant, with the exception of people who reside in the major cities of non-English speaking nations. But you can study English online from the comfort of your home with an internet connection and a nominal price.

Websites Offering Free Online English Classes

Online courses are sometimes the only opportunity for many people to acquire English as a second language. Online English courses are available for free on several fantastic websites. 

To help you determine which one to choose, we will go through a couple of them. Because you don’t even have to get out of bed, studying online is really handy. You can plan the sessions for when you have time and are most open to learning.


A great location to learn English is here. The instructors on this platform are actual academics who work at traditional colleges, much like in the majority of massive open online courses.

 FluentU was created to help you learn English in a relaxed manner by introducing you to native speakers. It uses easy-to-read subtitles to transform real-world films into language training. This website will provide you with further information about FluentU.


Many people believe  Alison to be the first big open online course. It first began in 2007. The website offers more than 1,000 courses, and some of the greatest English language programs include an introduction to English grammar and social English language proficiency.


Interactions among students are encouraged through Futurlearn, which is excellent for learning a new language. More than a million learners who have enrolled on the site are available for interaction.


This huge online course platform was created by Harvard and MIT. Top professors from prestigious universities instruct the majority of the courses offered here.

Benefits of Learning English online

Online courses are widely used, which typically attests to their popularity. There are various reasons why individuals are choosing to study things online rather than in person, and in this article, we’ll discuss a number of them.


Since online activities typically do not need to be somewhere specific at a specific time, it is simpler to accommodate them into any schedule.

Low cost

Online courses are popular because they are frequently given for free and because they are generally more affordable than traditional English language classes. As a result, many people are turning to them.


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