Construction of 1kva Inverter Using Solar Panel

Construction of 1kva Inverter Using Solar Panel


Construction of 1kva Inverter Using Solar Panel


Abstract of Construction of 1kva Inverter Using Solar Panel

The project is a construction of inverter using solar panel and its operation. The problems of power lead to the aims and construction of the inverter. This project comprises of four chapters, chapter one deal with the introduction and background of the project. Chapter review of related literature of the project, chapter three construction testing and observation and finally chapter four, summary, conclusion, recommendation and restatement of the problems.



Chapter One of Construction of 1kva Inverter Using Solar Panel


Every hour the sun beans on to earth more than enough energy to satisfy global needs.A solar energy is the technology used to harmless the scene’s energy and makes it usable, a solar inverter here in converting the direct current (D.C) into alternating current (A.C) with the help of solar power. Today the technology produce less than length of the one percentage of global energy demand,, many people are familiar with so-called photovoltaic cell, or solar panel, found on things like spacecraft, roof tops, over head water tanks, the cell are made of semiconductor material like those in computer chips when sunlight hit the cell. It knock electron loose from their atom as the electron flow through the cell, they generate electricity in form of direct current (D.C) used in charging the battery that supply the inverter solar inverter is dever that convert direct (D.C) power to alternative current (A.C) power. Solar power is an in exhaustible feel source that is pollution and noise free. The technology is also versative for example solar cells generate energy for for-out place like satellite in earth orbit and cabins deep in the rocky mountain as easy as they can power down building.


Electricity is the form of energy that is produce in a various ways (i.e convectional and non-convectional) which produce power to device that generate light, heat e.t.c electricity plays a vital role toward human life starting from the way how man get foods, dree, shelters and electrical/electronic device but unfortunately most of electronic device depends on electricity to perform their task, this makes it necessary to have efficient power supply. Very unfortunately the aims is not achieved awing to many reasons such as of sufficient generation plots accumulation and construct power failure. Therefore, due to nature of the power supply in the country it is good to have a research or thinking of a way to minimize or overcome these problem of power feature. Electricity can be obtained in many different ways of different quantities depending on the reliable source of generating electricity.


The main problem that could to the construction of this project is, problem uncounted the sources of power provide in the laboratory is unsuitable which reduce practical aspect use of equipment and tools by the student. To overcome this problem a stable or constant power supply is needed.


The aim of the project is to construct I kurt inverter using solar energy. i. To construct an oscillating circuit using SG3524 integrated circuit. ii. To construct a battery charging circuitiii. To construct a switch using power pausing transistor (mofet)iv. To construct a step up transformerv. To construct an automatic charging over circuitvi. To mount a solar module to the circuit


The use of solar panel is to generate energy provide many benefits to the community which includes. i. Reduction in the cost associated with generating electricityii. It provide pollution-force power source and offered new levels of independence to energy costumers. iii. It also helps the country in areas of technical advancement by carryout more skill importance project work that will encourage acquisition of more skill for sustenance of technological development.iv. It can also be use in our home and labs to power electronics appliances such as radio-set, lelucision, computer e.t.c.


The scope of this project is based on photovoltaic modules of 80W. 4.57A which convert sunlight radiation of 17.5 V.d.c the voltage of being controlled vain charge controller to 12v as the sunlight radiation should be nut exceed 5.177. Hence the solar inverter is constructed to cuter for electrical laboratory for a minimum of ten hours when battery is fully charges.


The report of this project is organized as follows:Chapter one contains the introduction of the project chapter two entail the review of related literature, circuit diagram and circuit operation analysis. Chapter three includes construction testing and observation of the project and also circuit diagram schedule of component or materials of the project chapter four includes the summary conclusion and recommendation.