Prototype (Model) of a Gallery for the Imt Art School

Prototype (Model) of a Gallery for the Imt Art School


Prototype (Model) of a Gallery for the Imt Art School


Abstract of Prototype (Model) of a Gallery for the Imt Art School

So important is the need to display the products of the art school in IMT. As there is need for showcasing, so there is need for proper preservation and conservation of these works. This urge for an art gallery in the IMT art school has been “pushing” since two years ago, there is a taught that this the most appropriate moment and medium to contribute ones quota in making it a reality by creating this lively “springboard” for an enabling environment for the authorities to make a landmark (i.e building a structure from the prototype). The application of a resounding research work was the first on the list of procedures which led to and exertion that the artist has spent no meaningful time is he/she has not been able to preserve, display and safeguard these work(s).


However, it is quiet unfortunate that the student artist in the IMT art school may not be able to tell the look of a gallery since they have none to their accessibility. This has prompted the often cry about stolen or damaged art pieces.

This conceived concept placed before you, has in mind a situation whereby the problems of products not properly accounted for, not shown to the public through exhibition, not kept in good state. e.t.c. would be a forgotten thing.

Since it is planned in such a way that it would be spacious, cosy and sited in a tranquilly and silence environment around the campus 11 area.


Chapter One of Prototype (Model) of a Gallery for the Imt Art School


Art gallery is a building or space for the public exhibition of works of art. These works are usually exhibited for public enjoyment or education. In privately run commercial art galleries, works are usually exhibited for sale. Bringing it down to the instance of architectural modeling, we ought to look into design of a proposed gallery. It is often seen as a difficult to appreciate points of design on the actual appearance of a building or object from plans and directions. The representation of constructed perspective gives resemblance as does as possible4 to the actual appearance in terms of lines on a two dimensional surface.

Architectural modeling is an area of drawing and making of structures that is not really treated in Graphics art of IMT and there are some other methods of this process than the ones in this project.

The proper follow-up of erecting a structure starts from the plans/elevations and other necessary sections. To achieve these, the use of Orthographic projections deployed. Also in Architectural drawing like there is the application of metric projections and they are known as Isonometric and Axonometric projections. While metric projections are methods of drawing buildings or objects so that the 3 dimensional effect will be observed and a proper measurement could be taken.

Isonometric projection is particularly suitable for cutaway views of objects because it gives a realistic effects, placing the Axonometric along side the Isonometric, the plan is seen as a for shortened plan, real length, ground plan are been angled at 30 degrees above the horizontal.

By this, the clear and suitable view or understanding of the project will be derived.


The art gallery has it’s origin from the ancient Greece and Rome. In Greece, the pinacotheca was a space at the entrance to a temple house where depictions of deities were displayed. By this period before the 19th century the pinacotheco serves as a place in a private house were statues tablets and other works of art were kept.

In the modern world, the word is extended to apply to municipal art galleries such as the Alte pinakothek and Neue pinakothe (old and new pienecothecas) in Munich, and the penecotheca Nazionale in Bologna and Siena.

In the 19th century, the ideal that art belongs to a nation rather than an individual developed. However, this led to the emergence of most major national art galleries. Also the French Revolution stimulated ideas of democracy which favoured the concepts of preserving the perceived nation’s art collection. In no small measure, these grew consciousness among national artist.

Coming to the recent, the commercial art galleries play an important role both for collectors and as the means by which living artists. However, in the history of this institute, there has been no record of a permanent art gallery. Instead it is always a temporary one for in pretence as in regards to achieving an immediate need. With the establishment of this project there should be a permanent one.


Currently the art school of IMT Enugu has no god presentation system for the art products all over the school. Having felt the pains of losing a cherished art piece as a result of no good presentation space in the school and heard many other unfortunate stories about damaged or lost works, it is quiet painful and of a great negative consequence if we should continue in this state. Seeking to this problem with a lasting solution is what have prompted this project. Nothing that it is only the sculptural works that have an assigned portion in the school.

On the other hand, members of the public always have it to say that the school is “living in it’s past glory” this is due to the fact that more than half of the number of works on display in the garden and some sites in the school are produced by past students of the school. This implies that new work is not finding their ways unto the necessary display patterns.


The lies below clearly states specific points that the project seek to tackle. As mentioned in the statement of the problem, there is great need for absolute preservation and display of art works in the IMT art school. As such the aim is geared towards restoring the dignity of the art school and it’s content(s) which is at great under-mine. At the tail of this project, it would be realistic midway since that research has been fulfilled with the practical work to match. However, it would be completely realistic if the authorities concerned are bent to aiding the school with the structure on ground for proper use, in the art school.

Objectively, the research is on course so that a cozy and tranquilly structure which is roomy enough to enshrine good number of the works produced in the art school would be put in place. This would go a long way encouraging both the schooling and graduating students of the art school. Regarding the fact that their works are well kept and preserved, for these adds value to the artist.

It would also be added that, the idea of building a preservative point for these works in an added advantage to the world of art and artist and the project is purely aimed at inspiring the artist for greater standard and also present the artist in a well packaged manner.


The range covered by this project is quiet versatile bringing together Architecture and Arts (graphics). In achieving the purpose of this project, the care choices to take on both tools and proportions since these are more than abundant materials for could be achieved. Ones result after such work is to determined principally by choice made before work.

Basically the major purpose of this project is not aesthetics rather for super need of arts preservations. This is the reason while the materials used in the prototype are such that could stand the test of time and the other hand look beautiful for aesthetic value. These materials include papers of different sorts, plastic board, and adhesive of solid bond.

The project is planned in a way that it will still be a point at which many will be enlightened in this area and have another thought pattern that looks better.


Principal terminologist that are found in this project are terms commonly used in the field and they enable an easy understanding ye fellow workmen in the architectural field. Terms such as the following were deployed in the course of the research report.

(1)        ELEVATION:          modified orthographic drawing that shows a side of an object or structure, e.g. approach view.

(2)        BOND:                       Joining or adhesive gluing.

(3)        PLAN:      This is the drafting with the use of lines and features of a proposed structures for easy take off and comprehension.

(4)        LANDSCAPING: This is the visual expanse of summery of a particular type. This is seen as land beautification and the use of this system to control some natural disaster, e.g. soil erosion.

(5)        TRACING / DRAWING: These are the method of laying the sketch of the plan for the proposed building or object on a surface may be paper (Drawing) or tracing sheet.

(6)      DORMER:             This is a an open space around a basement window.

(7)      AREAWAY:                This is an open space around a basement window.

(8)      GREEN SUEDE:        Fabric material that has green dry wooly surface, used as grass.