The Influence of Photographic Images in Advert Design

The Influence of Photographic Images in Advert Design


The Influence of Photographic Images in Advert Design


Abstract of The Influence of Photographic Images in Advert Design

This research project THE INFLUENCE OF PHOTOGRAPHIC IMAGES IN ADVERTISING has looked at photograph in relation to their roles in conveying  messages through advertising medium, to also improve on the way photographs are been used in advertising for promotion of products. To successfully do this the illustration aspect, which is the photograph, must be properly used in a way that it must tally with the text aspect in other for the role message to be adequately conveyed to the public. This project also covers the studio process through which photographs are been produced. Furthermore, this research also covers the creative aspect of advertising which are stages that are involved in the task of a successful adverts. In conclusion, the researcher included techniques in photography through which photograph for advert can be produced. Moreso, that the works should be handled by professionals in graphics design to avoid wrong or abusive way of using photograph in adverts, to also make work being done in Nigeria of international standard.



Chapter One of The Influence of Photographic Images in Advert Design



The use of photograph for adverts, which is very important, is a means of communication or passing across message to the public about a particular product for the purpose of sales and promotion. Therefore, the researcher has chosen this topic to bring to light those roles or function photograph plays in advert cannot be overlooked by the advertisers. To make them see why they must imbibe by it and how to go about using photograph in advertising their product. Some advertisers preferred using text only without illustration either photographs or hand made, forgetting that a picture is worth a thousand words, as the Chinese philosopher says. For this purpose, the researcher treats the effective ways of using photograph. As earlier mentioned, the advert predominantly has the written information which is the message and it has ‘shown” information this is the picture content. Picture is very      important in very advert because they aid credibility and other aesthetic value to the advert and most importantly to the text message. In other words, pictures and text message compliment each other. It is almost impossible to imagine what the world look like if photographic process were suddenly taken from us. It is involved directly or indirectly in almost everything, we do. Photography which through photographic camera is a medium completely familiar to today’s youth and they have accepted it as either their own. Everyone is interested in photographic images. Still or movies in black and white or in colour, light or contrived, fantastic or documentary, beautiful or brutal and everyone seems to have at least, one camera. Photography is the language of today; it is the best known medium for adverts.


Subsequently on the fact that language of today is a picture (photograph) the advertisers most especially in Nigeria do not seem to identify with the current trend. While some that seemed to be identifying with the current trend, majority of them made use of hand made illustration that cannot be compared with a real picture. Based on this research I decided to make the advertisers to know the role photograph plays in helping to promote their products and gain the attention of the buyers. The researcher also observed that those that chose to advertise with photograph, their works are being given to non – –professionals. Hence the work are not professionally handled by so doing the purpose of the advert is not fully fulfilled because some of this non professional made use of picture that does not fit n with the text message.


This project work is initiated to correct the wrong insinuation of neglecting the use of photograph for adverts by going for hand made illustration, which is some how archaic in nature. We are in a computer age where everything is being done in a computerized way. Also to discourage the advertisers from giving their adverts to non- professionals and make them see the reasons why a professional should handle their adverts. Equally to correct the abusive use photography in advertising a product.


This research work is designed to give adequate knowledge to the graphics artist on how to make best use to photograph in advertising a product for sales and promotion.


For the purpose of proper accomplishment of this project, I decided to limit my research with photograph being under execution by snapping photographs for promotion of a newly introduced product to the market on poster.