The Role of Small Scale Business on the Economic Development in Nigeria (a Case Study of Alaba International Marketing)

The Role of Small Scale Business on the Economic Development in Nigeria (a Case Study of Alaba International Marketing)


The Role of Small Scale Business on the Economic Development in Nigeria (a Case Study of Alaba International Marketing)


Abstract on The Role of Small Scale Business on the Economic Development in Nigeria (a Case Study of Alaba International Marketing)

This study, sets to investigate the role of small scale enterprise on the economic development in Nigeria. The introduction part of this study is contained in chapter one, extensively dealt with the purpose of the study. Enumeration of problem in small scale business in Nigeria.


In Chapter two, literatures related to the study are reviewed. The review dealt basically with the historical background of Alaba International Market, meaning, problem, planning and launching of

small scale business in Nigeria e.t.c.

Chapter three was devoted for questionnaire design and research methodology. The questionnaire contains fifteen questions. Chapter four deals with data analysis including the best of hypothesis. Three hypothesis were tested to draw conclusion about the research work.

The hypothesis are:

Small business enterprises play vital role in economic development small business enterprise create job in the economic development small business enterprise in market are the engine of economic development.

Chapter five embrace summary of finding, conclusions arrived at and recommendation base on the findings.





1.1      Background of the study

1.2      Statement of the problem

1.3      Objectives of the Study

1.4      Research Questions

1.5      Research hypotheses

1.6      Scope of the study

1.7      Limitation of the study

1.8      Significance of the study





2.0      Introduction

2.1      Historical origin of Alaba International market

2.2      Definition of small business enterprise

2.3      Types of small business enterprise

2.4      Role of small business enterprise

2.5      Problems of small business enterprises failure in Nigeria

2.6      Planning and launching of small business enterprises in trade fair

2.7      Marketing problems of small business enterprises in Nigeria

2.8      The Nigeria government participation in small business enterprise




3.1            Introduction

3.2            Restatement of Research Question

3.3            Restatement of Research Hypothesis

3.4            Research Design

3.5            Population of the Study

3.6            Sampling Method

3.7            Sample Size

3.8            Source of Data

3.9            Data Analysis Methods

3.10         Validity and Reliability

3.11        Limitation of the Study





4.1            Introduction

4.2            Analysis of Age

4.3            Operational Data

4.4            Test of Hypothesis Testing

4.5            Step in Hypothesis Testing

4.6            Discussion of Findings




5.1            Introduction

5.2            Summary of Findings

5.3            Conclusion

5.4            Recommendation

5.5            Suggestion for Further Studies



Chapter One of  The Role of Small Scale Business on the Economic Development in Nigeria (a Case Study of Alaba International Marketing)



The impact of Small Scale Enterprises to the development cannot be neglected in every economy, more especially developing nations where sustainable economic development is highly desirable small business enterprises have such a crucial impact to play in the development of an economy in such a way that they cannot be ignore.

According to Osuagwu (2001) small business enterprises involves the use of human and non-human resources towards the achievement of set goals and objectives. Small business enterprises should form one of the development objectives they can serve as a source of impact for multinational, thereby replacing existing foreign resources, they are also training ground for local skill ensuring a more equitable distribution of income and reducing the migrating of manpower from the rural to the urban areas.

Small scale enterprises are crucial for economic growth, poverty alleviation and wealth creation. In an economy like Nigeria, small business enterprises has always been faced with credibility problems, planners experience frustrations when they make their forecast because they did not come out as forecast while no business planners would dream of claiming :n fallibility the crucial things among the business planner is not :or internal prediction are right or wrong but what the forecast is able to produce.

Economic history is well stocked with enough it sights into the humble beginnings of present great corporation, evidence abound that almost all of the multinational giant corporation in America Europe and even Nigeria were cottage enterprises, growing as their industry grew and through their own sheer ability, marketing skills, and effort to reproduce and produce existing products better cheaply. Japan’s economy was dominated by traditional industries, cottage firms and by many SMEs, who drew their strength, not only from the abundance of capital, but from the role of marketing in guaranteeing the growth of small scale enterprise.

Small scale enterprises contributed greatly to Nigerians development by the provision of employment, marketing of goods and services and the growth and development of the rural areas. It has also brought about the growth of indigenous entrepreneurship in Nigeria.


The ineffective and inefficient performance of small scale enterprises as a result of poor environmental forces in Nigeria necessitated this research. It is important to note that all other management factors considered, the success or failure of organization small scale enterprise is heavily dependent on environmental influences.

Poor or inadequate knowledge of the operating environment of small scale enterprise adversely affects the performance, survival, growth and eventual success of small scale business enterprises.


  • The extent to which is necessary for the government to support the small and medium scale enterprises.
  • Examine the effectiveness and ineffectiveness of the various government or environmental issues like financial institutions; power sectors and level of corruption in the stage.
  •  To determine the role and importance of small and medium scale enterprises in the economic development.


In order to achieve the objectives of this research study, the research study will attempt to provide answer to the following research questions:

  • What are the roles of small and medium scale enterprises on a economic development?
  • How does small and medium scale enterprises create job in economic development?
  • Are small medium scale enterprise in the market the engine of economic development?
  • Howe does small and medium scale enterprises improve the standard of living?


Testing the following hypothesis will provide answers to the research questions:

1.        Ho:     Small scale enterprise does not play any role in the

economy development

Hi:       Small scale enterprise plays a vital role in tie economy


2.        Ho:     Small scale enterprises does not create job

opportunities in the economy development.

Hi:       Small scale enterprise creates job opportunities in the

economy development.

3.        Ho:     Small scale enterprise in the market are no: the engine

of economy development.

Hi:      Small scale enterprise in the market are the engine

of economy development.


The research work will cover the role of small scale on the economic development the scope of this research will be limited to small scale enterprise in Alaba International Market.


These are the constraints on the research work:

  • Financial constraint: when research work suffers from insufficient fund to execute, it affects smoothness of the research work.
  • Time constraint: in a situation where the time available for the research work is short, this limits the effectiveness of collecting and analyzing the research data.
  • Attitude constraint: the research work can be negatively affected where the experts and the others concern are not readily responding adequately on the research work.


This research work has the following significance:

  • The study will be useful to the government for job creation.
  • It will be useful to Nigerians who intends to evaluate the roles played by small scale enterprise on economy development.
  • The research equally be a good reference material for future research on the topic.