The Top 10 Best Computer Science Schools In Texas-2023

Top 10 best computer science schools in texas

The Top 10 Best Computer Science Schools In Texas is our topic for today’s discussion. Are you thinking of taking a computer science major in Texas? or you’re wondering, what are the Top 10 Best Computer Science Schools In Texas you can attend? If that is you, then you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll be covering the Top 10 Best Computer Science Schools In Texas based on real-life reviews, and how much it will cost to study there.


There are so many computer science schools in Texas but only a few of them made it to our list. During the time of writing this article, we had two things in mind which are to provide you with the best computer science school in texas and also to ensure the schools are affordable.

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“Computer Science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes” – Edsger Dijkstra 


Understanding Computer Science

Computer science is evolving every day as the world is moving so fast, and a lot of people are struggling to catch up. When you look around you, almost everything is automated using computer science and technology. We see computers used in creating 4D motion pictures and gaming, computers being used to communicate outside of space, and many more.

This alone shows that the capabilities of what computer can do or achieve in the 21st century has not even been explored.

If you have been following trends in AI technology, I believe you must have heard about or probably use Chatgpt. An AI designed by open Ai to simplify how humans get access to information.

The Ai was trained to understand human emotion and try to relate just like how every human will relate. Over the past few days of December 2022, Chat Gpt became the talk of the day due to the wonders it can do.

Why did I use that example?

This is to let you know and understand the power of technology and what you could actually achieve using computer science.

Without wasting much time, let me go deeper into some of the things you need to know about computer science just in case you don’t have a clearer understanding of what computer science is.

What Is Computer Science?

Computer Science is the study of Computation, automation, and information. It is a field of study that spans theoretical disciplines such as Algorithms, theory of computation, and information/data management, however, Computer Science is a more practical discipline as it involves the design and implementation of hardware and software.

Computer Science is considered an area of general academics and it is quite distinct from Computer Programming. Algorithms and data structures are keys to the study of Computer Science. The fundamental concern of  Computer Science is in determining what can and cannot be automated. 

What Are The Fields Of Studies In Computer Science?

If I’d want to Study Computer science what field should I be considering? Below are some of the fields in Computer Science you will find interesting.

Theoretical Computer Science

This is the mathematical and abstract aspect of Computer science. When you look at the theoretical computer science, you’ll get to realize that it is aimed at creating an undertsanding nature of computation and as a result of this, it gives room for more efficient methodologies.

In these area of computer science, there are a whole lot of theories used in this aspect of Computer Science but I do not desire to bother you with any of them.

Computer Architecture and Organization

Computer Architecture or digital computer organization is the conceptual design and fundamental operational structure of a computer. It intends to show how the Central Processing Unit performs internally. 

Artificial Intelligence (A.I)

Artificial Intelligence is a modern day technology in computer science used for synthesizing goal-oriented processes such as problem–solving, decision-making, environmental adaptation, learning, and communication found in humans and animals. The Artificial Intelligence is one aspect of Computer science that is cross-disciplinary as it encompasses areas such as Applied Mathematics, Symbolic logic, Semiotics, Philosophy of the mind, Electrical engineering e.t.c  

Applied Computer Science

This aspect or field covers a wide range of sub-fields, some of which are Computer graphics (which has to do with the study of digital visual contents and involves the synthesis and manipulation of image data ), Image and sound processing, computational Science, finance and Engineering, software engineering e.t.c.

So, as a student who intends to study Computer Science, where should turn to to get the best?  Well if you are residing in Texas, United States, or intend to travel over to Texas to study, we have got a long list of Institutions where you can study Computer Science and you’d be rest assured that you are definitely getting the best value for your investment.

Top Ten Best Institutions in Texas to study Computer Science

Here are the top colleges and Universities in Texas where you can study Computer Science and you’d rest assured that you will get good value for your investment.

Rice University

Rice University is probably the best University in Texas, the Institution is located in the heart of Houston, Texas. It is one institution that you might find it difficult to get admission into, its acceptance rate or your chances of getting in stands at just 11%. The best Colleges are often the ones with the low rates of acceptance. It’s going to cost you almost $19,215 per year as a student.

University of Texas – Austin

The acceptance rate into the University of Texas stands at 32%, this implies that your chances of securing admission to study Computer are on the high side. It’s going to cost you almost $16,892 per year as a student 

Texas A&M University

As a student, to secure admission into this university, your chances stand at a whopping 63% with an expected School fee cost (Net) of $19,906 per year. Texas A&M university is known to have an average total aid of $11,194 that is available per year. With this, your chances of getting this student aid is 81%. 

University of Texas – Dallas

The University of Texas has a 79% acceptance rate for prospective students. The university located in Dallas is likely going to cost you about $11,185. It also gives aid to Students every year.

Southern Methodist University

Has an average acceptance rate of 53% and a whopping net cost per year of around $41,444.  

Trinity University

Trinity University is a small school located in San Antonio, Texas with an overall niche grade of A, has an acceptance rate of just 34% and the net cost per year is around $31,141 for any prospective student.

Texas Tech University

With an acceptance rate of over 70%, this Tech University is one Institution you find easy to get into. However, the net cost of $15,452 may prove to be a stumbling block. The Institution has an A- niche grade.

University of Houston

The Institution has an A- niche grade ad a net cost per year of $14,480. The University located in Houston has an acceptance rate of 63%. This might just be your dream institution.

The University of Texas, Arlington

The University of Texas located in Arlington, Texas has a massive acceptance rate of over 88%. If you picked interest in this great university, you’ll likely pay a net cost of roughly around $15,220 per year. 

The University of North Texas,

The University of North Texas, located in Denton, is known to have an average acceptance rate of 84% and the net cost to be incurred as a student is around $13,781.

These are the Top ten Universities or Colleges where you can study Computer Science in Texas.

Good luck as you make your choice.


The world is moving fast every day and the need to improve life using computer technology is in high demand. This is why you should take advantage of a computer science school to improve yourself and learn something new in the process. The world needs your talent! why not go out there and refined it by learning from the best professors in computer science?

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NB: The best colleges for Computer Science ranking is based on key statistics and student reviews using data from the U.S. Department of Education.