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Brian Kaspar, Ph.D. is co-founder of Milo Biotechnology and one of the lead inventors of the company’s follist atin technology. Dr. Kaspar is also Associate Professor and Principal Investigator at The Ohio State University and on the faculty of The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. In addition to Milo, Dr

Kaspar is also co-founder of Avexis Therapeutics which is conducting the fist systemic gene therapy trial. He holds a Ph.D. from University of California, San Diego, where he specialized in molecular pathology. Dr. Kaspar was a post-doctoral fellow at The Salk Institute for Biological Studies in the laboratory of Dr. Fred H. Gage, where he pioneered various methodologies in viral gene transfer for neurological disorders. In 2004, he moved to Ohio State/Nationwide Children’s to start a laboratory focused on understanding and developing treatments for severe neuromuscular disorders. Dr. Kaspar also serves as an editor for the Molecular Therapy journal.