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Jazan University

Jazan University Admission is available to all no matter where you are coming from around the world. The institution welcomes all with open arms.


Jazan University or JazanU is a university that was founded around 2005/2006 as a nonprofit public higher education institute. The university is known to rank 16th in Saudi Arabia and 4,816 in the world ranking.

Jazan University is known for its accommodation of foreign students who want to study at the university. As a well-recognized university in Saudi Arabia, a lot of people are picking interest in the school from all over the world. The university has an enrollment range of 40,000 to 44,999 students every year.

Jazan University Historical Overview

Jazan University is a higher institution in Saudi Arabia. The university is also known as JazanU by many people around the world.


Jazan University is a public research university situated in the heart of Jazan in Saudi Arabia.

As of 2006, the university was founded and today it has become the province-only university and also one of the largest public, non-profit institutions of higher-level education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

JazanU has its main central campus by the Red Sea on the southwest coast of Saudi Arabia. The university is also known to have various satellite campuses at Sabya, Abu Arish, Farasan, Ad-darb, Samtah, Al-Daer, and Al-Ardah.

Educational Programs Available At Jazan University

Jazan University has two major educational programs. The university offers admissions into the Bachelor(Undergraduate) with 12 majors and 12 Masters Programs.

Below are courses being offered under Jazan undergraduate program.

Bachelor Programs At JazanU

  • Bachelor of Administration
  • Applied Sciences and Professions
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Business
  • Bachelor of Computer Science
  • Bachelor of Dentistry
  • Bachelor Of Education
  • Bachelor of Health
  • Bachelor Of Humanities

Masters Program At JazanU

  • Master of Administration
  • Master of Applied Sciences & Professions
  • Master of Arts
  • Master of Business
  • Master of Computer Science
  • Master of Dentistry
  • Master of Education
  • Master of Health
  • Master of Humanities
  • Master of IT
  • Master of Medicine
  • Master of Pharmacy

How Can I Apply For Jazan University Admissions?

To apply for admission at Jazam University, you’ll need to follow these steps.

  • visit the official website of Jazan University at 
  • Choose a program
  • Press the “Apply now” button
  • Send an admissions form
  • Complete admissions tasks
  • Go to study

Document Requirements For Jazan University Admission

As a student looking forward to applying for admission at Jazan University, you’re expected to have certain documents with you before you apply. This document can vary depending on your country. It’s advisable you make inquiries from the support of the school to be sure of what document is expected of you based on your country.

One thing you need to know is that the university teaches almost every course in the Arabic language and a few in English. This means that if you are able to speak in Arabic then it’s an added advantage for you.

Required documents for Jazan University Admissions

  • Birth Certificate
  • Application fee
  • Online Application form
  • Letters of reccomendation (MA, PhD)
  • Resume/CV (graduate, postgraduate)
  • Research proposal outline (MA, PhD)
  • IELTS Certificate
  • Family Details
  • Proof of fee payment
  • Student visa
  • Medical Certificate
  • Health and Life Insurance
  • Passport
  • TOEFL Certificate
  • Supervisor Agreement Form (PhD)
  • Declaration for financial support
  • Photographs

What Is The Acceptance Rate & Admissions At Jazan University?

Acceptance Rate:         65%

Admissions Requirements: Secondary school certificate (Thanawiah)

Academic Calendar: Semesters

Enrollment:         54,999

Full-time employee: 3,000

Student: staff ratio         18:1

What Is The Tuition Fee At Jazan University?

At the time of writing publication. These are the tuition fee at Jazam University

                                                Undergraduate                  Graduate

Local students                        $500                                         $500

International students:         $1,750

Jazan University has financial aid programs and on-campus housing.

How To Contact Jazan University

There are different channels you can use to contact Jazam university in case you have any inquiries to make.

You can simply use the live chat channel on the site to communicate with the support of the university.

Also, you can contact the university through Fatima Hakami, coordinator at:

Tel:0173317968       E: 404

Email:          [email protected] Or Call

Phone +966 (7) 334 5070

Fax +966 (7) 321 1052

Where Is Jazan University Located? 

To navigate your way around or locate where Jazan university is, simply try and lookup the address of the institute online or you can visit the university at:

Address Prince Mohamed Street; PO Box 114

Jazan, Jizan, 45142

Saudi Arabia


Jazan University is a top-class university anyone can attend so long as they have a basic knowledge of Arabic. The university is open to both foreigners and citizens of Saudi Arabia.

If you have any inquiries about Jazam University, you can contact us. We’ll be happy to assist you with that.

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