List Of The Top Graduate School Scholarships, Grants, and Fellowships in 2023

List Of The Top Graduate School Scholarships

Graduate school is expensive. Fortunately, graduate school scholarships can pay for all or a portion of your degree’s overall cost. For your scholarship, your university may be a fantastic resource. This collection of graduate student scholarships features unique new scholarships that aren’t available anyplace else. Continue reading to learn more.


Graduate scholarships reduce financial commitments for students seeking an advanced degree, enabling them to focus entirely on their academics without having to worry about financial help.

We’ve created this list of scholarships just for graduate students who wish to simplify their financial situations in order to make things easier for you.

Scholarships for Graduate School

Numerous scholarship possibilities are available. Scholarships for graduate study are offered here.


Pick a scholarship from the list below, then start your application right now!

Noah Jon Markstrom Foundation Scholarship

Education Level: Undergraduate and graduate

Major: Pediatric medicine

In 2019, Noah, who had battled brain cancer for two years, passed away. Many specialized medical experts who made the decision to devote their careers to caring for ill youngsters like Noah provided Noah with care throughout his struggle.

The same folks that looked after Noah and built such a close relationship with him also looked after his family. Despite his treatments and restrictions, they made it possible for Noah to embark on several excursions and have an incredible quality of life.

The Noah Jon Markstrom Foundation Scholarship was established as a result of Noah’s devotion to those who looked after him.

This grant is open to undergraduate and graduate students pursuing degrees in pediatric medicine.

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Students from the Pacific Northwest who specialize in oncology or cancer research will be given preference. Write about what motivated you to seek a profession in pediatric medicine if you want to apply.

Your 400–600 word essay should address the question, “What motivated you to wish to pursue a career in pediatric medicine.”

@ESPDaniella Debt Grant

Financial Background: Has Student Debt

More than 43 million people in the United States alone struggle with student debt.

With an average debt of more than $39,000, Americans already owe more than $1.7 trillion in student loan debt.

By assisting current students, graduates, and dropouts in repaying their student debt, this award aims to lessen the burden of student loan debt.

Any current senior in an undergraduate program, graduate student, recent college graduate, or former student who left school early but still owes money on student loans is eligible to apply for this prize.

Candidates for this scholarship must provide documentation of their student loan debt in order to be considered for the prize.

Benoit Migambi Chronic and Neurological Diseases Scholarship

Education level: Graduate student

Major: Medical, specifically chronic and neurological disease studies

According to the CDC, 1.2% of the American population, or around 3.4 million people, had active epilepsy in 2015.

Along with several other chronic illnesses, there is presently no treatment for epilepsy.

This award aims to motivate the following generation of students researching neurological and chronic disorders in memory of Benoit Migambi, who went away from epilepsy.

The application process is open to graduate students researching neurological and chronic disorders.

Justify your decision to pursue this academic path in your application essay. The essay should be 700–1000 words long and have the title “Why are you pursuing research regarding neurological and chronic diseases?”

Gulo Marketing Website Design Scholarship

Education Level: Undergraduate or graduate

Major: Web design/development

In recent years, web design has seen substantial change. Whether a business succeeds or fails in the internet world may depend on how well its website performs.

Innovative, conversion-focused website designs have influence, particularly those with excellent user experiences, navigation, and content organization.

The Gulo Marketing Website Design Scholarship was created to assist emerging designers by easing some of the financial strain they face.

One undergraduate or graduate student majoring in web design or development will be supported by this prize.

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Explain the value of having solid design and marketing concepts in your application and provide an example of a website to back up your claims.

Why do you think a website has to follow good design and marketing principles? In 400–600 words, give an example of a website that demonstrates your point.

Juno Better Rates No-Essay Scholarship

One of the most crucial financial choices a student can make is how to handle their debts.

We’ve teamed up with Juno to provide this unique scholarship in order to give you the best chance of success.

You can save an average of $13,000 by using Juno to negotiate better loan terms through collective bargaining. We advise Juno due to:

‣ Usually unpaid.

‣ It has no impact on your credit rating.

‣ There is no obligation.

Finding the appropriate loan requires preparation. You can access future loan alternatives from Juno at rates far lower than market rates by submitting an application for this scholarship.

The scholarship award will be announced and awarded on August 1, 2023, however, application deadlines will roll over each month.

Students that apply during earlier application windows will be more likely to win.

Network After Work No-Essay Grant

The single most crucial factor required to launch a successful career or advance one that is already underway is networking.

We’ve developed this special fellowship to ensure that graduate students and young professionals have the resources they need to build a strong network.

Joining will provide you access to a select group of successful business owners, executives, and professionals as well as possibilities for peer-to-peer learning, in-person and online networking, one-on-one introductions, and lectures by famous authors and experts.

Toluna Influencers No-Essay Scholarship

Your particular viewpoint could provide others with the motivation they require.

For everyone who wants to make a difference in the world and speak up for change, we’ve teamed up with Toluna to establish a unique scholarship.

You may get paid and rewarded for doing surveys and participating in the community with the aid of Toluna. Gain points that you may exchange for rewards of your choosing (PayPal payments, Amazon gift cards, and more). You earn more the more you engage!

Join Toluna by filling out this form, then confirm your account and complete your first survey to begin earning prizes! Anyone who has college debt or is a current student may apply.

Although the scholarship will be given out on October 31, 2023, there will be rolling monthly deadlines for applications. Students that submit their applications early in the application cycle will have a better chance of winning the prize.

Derrick Richardson Law Student Scholarship

Ethnicity: Black

Education: 2nd or 3rd-year student in Law School

Derrick Richardson, my son, was devoted to protecting people of color from prejudice before he went away. He practiced civil law.

My youngster loved to give. He frequently provided without seeking anything in return out of the goodness of his heart.

His profession frequently reflected his altruistic character, standing up for individuals who are normally marginalized in the courts and beyond.

I wish to award one second- or third-year Black law student who is passionate about their studies in civil rights law and becoming a lawyer with the Derrick Richardson Law Student Scholarship in memory of my son.

In your essay for consideration, please explain how you plan to use your legal education to support underprivileged Black people in court.

Your essay should discuss how you plan to use your legal training to assist underprivileged Black individuals in court.

The essay should be 400–600 words.

Cyndy Cervantes Scholarship for Oncology Social Work

Education Level (if applicable): Graduate student

Major/Current Career Field: Oncology social work

Incredible oncology social worker Cyndy Cervantes dedicated her life to assisting cancer patients and their families. To support the education of social workers who want to work in oncology, oncology is establishing a scholarship in her honor.

Numerous cancer survivors as well as members of the oncology healthcare team from organizations around North Texas had their lives permanently transformed by Cyndy’s efforts.

Cyndy helped hundreds of cancer survivors by providing leadership and direction for the Cancer Support Community in North Texas.

This grant aims to support oncology social workers who assist cancer patients.

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Candidates must be graduate students interested in a career in cancer social work or oncology social workers who are currently working to pay off student loans.

Describe your motivation for choosing cancer social work in your application.

Your essay must be between 400 and 600 words in length and should preferably address “what has encouraged you to seek a profession in cancer social work.”

William M. DeSantis Sr. Scholarship

Education Level: Undergraduate or graduate

“Education is the most potent weapon which you can use to change the world,” once said Nelson Mandela.

The capacity to learn is correlated with a person’s capacity to grow. Schooling makes people wiser and more equipped to achieve their goals, whether via conventional education or lessons learned through life events.

A student pursuing higher education is the intended recipient of the William M. DeSantis Sr. Scholarship.

All students, graduate or undergraduate, are invited to apply. Write about a significant life lesson you have encountered and how it has changed your perspective on life in your application.

Describe a key lesson you’ve learned in life and what it has taught you. How will you apply this learning to advance your life?

Your essay should be on how the experience or lesson made you stronger as a person and in life, and it should be 400-600 words.

Paybotic Women in Finance and Technology Scholarship

Education Level: Undergraduate or graduate student

Gender: Female

Field of Interest: STEM-related

The correct operation of contemporary economies depends on technology and finance, which also fuels remarkable innovation across industries.

Women are alarmingly underrepresented in the IT and financial industries, especially when it comes to leadership positions while making up half of the US workforce.

Across all FinTech industries, women hold just 26.5% of management and leadership roles in S&P 500 companies.

This fellowship aims to address the leadership gender gap and encourage female students in order to increase prosperity and creativity.

This grant is open to any undergraduate or graduate female student majoring in a STEM-related discipline at an authorized US university.

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To apply, describe which female leader has most inspired you and how you want to develop leadership skills throughout your career.

Your 400–600 word essay should cover the following topic: “What female leader has most influenced you, and how do you want to become a leader during your career?”

McCutcheon | Nikitin First-Generation Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements

Education Level: Must be an undergraduate or graduate student

Background: Must be a first-generation college student

Anyone who attends college may find it tough, but first-generation college students in particular struggle to succeed in their academic endeavors.

First-generation students frequently don’t have equitable access to higher education and need to be helped along their path due to a variety of factors, including insufficient financial resources and a lack of mentors.

First-generation college students who are pursuing higher education in order to finish their degrees are the target audience for this award.

This award is open to all first-generation college students who are now enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program.

Write a brief essay about how education has influenced your perception of the world in order to apply.

The essay should be between 400 and 600 words long and include the title “Tell us about how education has influenced your perspective of the world.”

How to Qualify for Graduate School Scholarships

Obtaining graduate school scholarships is challenging, but there are several strategies you may use to succeed. Here is what to do:

Sign Up for Your Graduate Program

No matter the graduate degree you choose to pursue, there are many various pathways you can follow in graduate school, and graduate school scholarships are available to you.

Graduate school scholarships are available to students pursuing doctorates, law degrees, medical degrees, and other advanced degrees such as master’s degrees.

Finish Setting up Your Profile

Create a profile to obtain access to hundreds of graduate student-only grants to get your scholarship quest underway.

After you’ve completed your profile, we’ll match you with scholarships based on your educational background, area of interest, and other factors so you may locate as many chances as you can and avoid taking out student loans.

Ensure that your degree information is current.

You must be currently enrolled in a graduate program at an approved university in order to qualify for the majority of graduate scholarships.

All graduate students who are enrolled in graduate programs, including those in law school, doctorate programs, master’s programs, and medical schools, are eligible to apply for grad school scholarships.

The scholarships are open to anyone in high school, while many are only accessible to seniors.


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